Expenditures for irrigation of plantations of commodity crops

key words: irrigation system, expenditures, hose-reel machine, operating costs


Problem of expenditures for irrigation of plantations was presented in the paper. Partition of costs for irrigation of plantation was given, including invest-ment costs, operating costs and technological costs. Advantages resulted from ir-rigation were given. Water requirement for irrigation was discussed. Irrigation systems currently applied on plantations (on example of potato plantation), were presented. Practical problems connected with water intake for irrigation, choice of pumps and transmission line of water were characterized. Discussion of irriga-tion facilities most often chosen for irrigation of potato plantation is also given. Investment costs for hose-reel machine were presented. An example of the irri-gated potato plantation (20 ha) was discussed, giving it’s operating costs of sprin-kler irrigation machine.


Łuszczyk K. 2009, vol. 6. Expenditures for irrigation of plantations of commodity crops. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2009, vol. 6/ 06




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