Assesment of changes in spatial structure of Lipnica Wielka village resulting from land consolidation

key words: Land consolidation, land spatial structure


The excessive fragmentation of agricultural lands is one of the major bar-rier of their rational use within large part of Poland. In particular, this problem concerns the southern-eastern regions of the country. Comprehensive tool for im-proving the spatial structure of land in the territories of whole villages is land consolidation process. Yet, its widespread use is limited by high costs and long duration of the procedure.
This article presents an attempt of assessment of changes in the spatial structure of land, being the result of land consolidation process accomplished in Lipnica Wielka village. The process started in the eighties of the twentieth century and in practice was completed just in 2010, when new cadastral was implemented and land register information was updated. The land consolidation of Lipnica Wielka village was characterized by a very large area of development and the big number of parcels, which in 1986 was over 49,000. Number of participants in the proceedings exceeded two thousands.
As a result of land consolidation, all relevant land structure parameters of the farms were improved. This applies to both a significant reduction in the aver-age number of plots on farms, increasing their areas and elimination of areas that do not have access to public road.
Currently, the most important problem in Lipnica Wielka village is gaining funds for project of access roads to all designed plots.




Janus J. 2011. Assesment of changes in spatial structure of Lipnica Wielka village resulting from land consolidation. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2011/ 02