Marketable character of agritourism product on the basis of survey on selected groups of Kielce residents

key words: rural areas, agrotourist, tourist product, tourist market.


The study aims to analyse the market image of agritourism product and preferences of prospective tourists with respect to leisure time at agritourism farms. The statistical sample was selected from the residents of the city of Kielce. Representatives of four social and professional groups took part in the investigations carried out in 2011. The choice of participants was purposeful as the groups were composed of individuals relatively frequently spending their leisure time at agritourism farms. The investigations indicate that rather than reflecting tourists' personal experience, the image of agritourism product is often created on the basis of prevailing general opinions (e.g. those presented in the media). Though a majority of the interviewees were able to specify their expectations concerning the tourist product, yet it was difficult for them to put forward demands as regards the product character. The investigations seem to confirm the thesis that being interested in agritourism does not necessarily mean taking up an offer of agritourism farms.The development of tourism in many regions of the country relies on creating and promoting brand products. Those are remembered by tourists as unique and capable of generating a lot of benefits. Brand products are meant to make consumers of tourist services come back to a given place and recommend the object to others. The diversification of rural areas in the Świętokrzyskie Province makes it necessary to take multiple and varied tasks by the local governments, organisations and residents to create brands that will meet expectations of the tourists.


Pałka E., Kudla N. 2013. Marketable character of agritourism product on the basis of survey on selected groups of Kielce residents. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2013/ 03 (3 (Sep 2013))